We’re a specialist-led, unified communications agency delivering connected healthcare communications, informed through fresh insights, smart thinking and inspired ideas.

Our collaborative cross-discipline approach enables us to create engaging, effective and measurable campaigns across channels to deliver distinctive solutions at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

Ora and Hugo

Our Journey


We’re passionate about connecting people around the world with improved health. This drives us to lead the way in creating transformative campaigns that shape positive opinions and promote change in the world of healthcare.


With over 25 years under our belt as a full service healthcare communications agency, we’ve pioneered the unified agency model. As part of the Havas network we harness powerful connections, while retaining the entrepreneurial spirit and agility of an independent agency.

Working together

Collaboration isn’t just a buzz word for us; it’s what we live and breathe every day. Key to every project and the way we work, is including our clients in our teams and ensuring that we work with them as well as we work with each other.

Our people

We’re driven by passion. Those responsible for creating our leading campaigns come with a healthy multiplicity of expertise because we believe that diversity - of background and experience - is vital for generating ideas. Meet our management team here...

Phil Asbury

Chief Financial Officer

Natalie Hoegen


Chris Bartley

Managing Director, Chief Innovation Officer

Sarah Mikhailov

Managing Partner

Jenneh Thomas

HR Director

Paul Giltrap

Creative Director

Gaynor Hayburn

Group Managing Director

Sarah Merritt

Managing Partner

Sara Whitehorn


Jean-Marc Rathé


Manolis Stalford

Executive Director, Production

Katy Davidson

Deputy Managing Director

Zuleika Burnett

Executive Director, Creative and Innovation

Dimitri Challouma

Creative Director

Susan Walkley

Managing Partner

Vicki Shanahan

Creative Director

Gemma Trinder

Associate Director, Strategy and Planning

Our Story

We’ve retained the family-feel of a start-up as we’ve grown in size. Now 120+ people under one roof, we ensure everyone has a voice and the opportunity to contribute to the future of the company.

We challenge perception through openness, connected discovery and difference. We approach every project with open-minds and encourage our clients to join us in the process of discovery.

We believe the possibilities inherent in each endeavour are limitless. This encourages us to delve deep and ‘deliver different’, exposing in the process that core idea that will inspire and drive exceptional campaigns.

Our clients and partners

Our client base is 100% pharmaceutical / medical devices / health and well-being. With active collaboration, harnessing knowledge from disciplines around the globe, our 60+ offices in 50 countries break the mould with a single brand name and cohesive leadership.


We’re not driven by awards, but we put our heart and soul into what we do and it’s invigorating when our results are recognised. Whether pre- or post-launch, our award-winning initiatives touch virtually every therapeutic area, successfully promoting our clients and upholding our reputation for success.

  • 2016PM Society Awards

    PM Society Awards, Craft Award, Interactive Communications (BRONZE)
  • 2016PMEA Awards

    PMEA Awards, Established Product Management (Winner)
  • 2016PMEA Awards

    PMEA Awards, Excellence in Patient Education and Support (Finalist)
  • 2016PMEA Awards

    PMEA Awards, Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (Finalist)
  • 2016Communiqué Awards,

    Communiqué Awards, Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships (Winner)
  • 2016PM Society Digital Awards

    PM Society Digital Awards, Digital Patient Initiatives (Finalist)