being human

At Havas Life Medicom we believe that friction is to humans what water is to cats

We’re prepared to tolerate very little of it before getting irritated and leaving. We use behavioural, design, and data science to reduce the friction surrounding digital interactions.

There’s a huge unspoken problem with healthcare marketing

The IPA has shown overall marketing campaign effectiveness falling for the last four years straight.

Healthcare customers are harder to reach, more sceptical, and have more clinical options than ever before.

/human has been created specifically to counter the trend of falling effectiveness

We connect what doctors do today with content built specifically around their behaviours.


Engaging doctors is getting more complex


Increasingly, there are more and more options for delivering mobile driven content in the EU.

Campaign ROI improves with additional channels.2

We believe pharma must expand its dialogue with health professionals in order to be more effective.


1.Taking the Pulse Europe® 2016
2. Analytic Partners 2016; return on investment (ROI) analysis of 3,200 campaigns from 2010-2015; Channels include TV, print, radio, display, paid search, video, PR, out-of-home and cinema