6th September 2021

The secret to a successful brand launch? Being in it together

by Natalie Hoegen, Senior Director, Client Partner Today, more than ever, success is non-negotiable and that is even more true regarding drug launches. With the era of blockbusters now finally gone, successful drug launches have become even more critical to both ‘big pharma’ and biotech start-up […]
26th April 2021
Creative trainees

Learning through experience, making an impact

Havas Life Medicom’s new Creative Trainee Programme Graphic designers are visual problem solvers, understanding how to use digital tools to solve business challenges. They are experts in creatively using the space they have to make the greatest impact. But how does someone learn and hone these […]
9th March 2021

COVID: A CATALYTIC CONNECTOR? Creating a new reality for Pharma Communications

By Susan Walkley, Managing Partner, Havas Life Medicom It’s one year on from the escalation of Covid19 and our first taste of lockdown. For those of us who have spent our careers in the pharmaceutical industry, the prospect of a devastating pandemic on a world-wide scale […]
25th February 2021

SEE ME HEAR ME: Making the invisible, visible

Having a rare disease is difficult. But it’s even worse when the threat is hidden, unseen by the human eye. People with ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) may appear healthy but are under attack from their own immune system. With a frequently delayed journey to diagnosis, and a […]
22nd December 2020

A year to remember or forget? What 2020 has taught agencies like ours

written by Sarah Mikhailov, Managing Director, Brand Well, where to start? 2020 will always be remembered for COVID. But let us not forget the political backdrop with elections, Brexit, a Royal abdication, bushfires, #metoo, Black Lives Matter and a renewed focus on diversity and inclusion, and […]
8th December 2020

Crisis? No problem!

It’s the closest real life has come to that nightmare where you’re sitting an exam and realize you’re naked. During a major medical congress, you’re about to sit down for a series of media interviews. You have a clear story to tell about how your new […]