Our Passion

Our passion is inspire people to live healthier lives - to help them not just survive, but to thrive.

We focus on brand, corporate and cause communications that form lasting emotional connections and create meaningful experiences. This means creating powerful narratives that make people sit up and listen, and starting movements that empower people to make positive changes for their health and the health of others.

We use our own experiences, understanding and insight to craft persuasive stories – stories that connect and create lasting value in the hearts and minds of people. We are experts. We are you.


We believe that in this changing landscape, success starts by strategically aligning promotion, medical education and PR, across the product lifecycle. Our experts in strategic consultancy and persuasive campaigning work with our clients to anticipate brand needs, amplify engaging content and mobilise our audiences in the right way, at the right time.


As part of the Havas network, we have access to marketing, creative, communications and strategic experts around the world. We draw on this expertise to collaborate and share best practice, ensuring the best chance of success for our clients.

Brand architects

Building brands with a human purpose

We build brands with Human Purpose, creating a lasting emotional connection that transcends product function. Using strategic insights as a basis, we craft and execute campaigns througout the product lifecycle.

As a strategic partner, we provide

  • Insight discovery
  • Customer mapping and segmentation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Brand position and identity
  • Differentiation
  • Brand launch readiness
  • Content and campaign development

Persuasive comms

Empowering people to join the health conversation

We are in the business of changing behaviours, to inspire healthier lives. We uncover meaningful insights and potential barriers to frame ideation and create solutions. Our stories are driven by peoples’ experiences and are creatively crafted to inspire belief and action.

We influence the conversation through

  • Digital and social amplification
  • Disease awareness
  • Creating communities of social ambassadors
  • Issues planning
  • Clinical trial and regulatory comms
  • News outreach
  • Change management and HR comms
  • C-Suite and corporate leadership

Digital innovation

Connecting patients, health professionals and industry

The time is now. Healthcare is going through a transformational time in an accelerated and complex digital landscape. We create fully integrated customer engagement models, ensuring our story reaches the right person, in the right way, at the right time.

We craft meaningful engagement through

  • Strategic insight - channel analysis, audience personas and engagement metrics
  • Innovative technologies, such as AI and virtual congress on-demand activities
  • Execution - standout content and omnichannel delivery with closed-loop marketing analytics