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Persuasive storytelling, artfully crafted

Our industry is rapidly changing.

The transactional pharma business model needs to adapt to better serve the needs of payors, HCPs and patients. This means persuasive, cut-through communications has never been more important…

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We have

  • Put multiple disease areas on the agenda
  • Created online and offline media buzz and dominated Google page 1
  • Activated patient ambassadors to push an under-recognised condition ‘viral’
  • Connected and inspired stakeholders across the rare disease community
  • Tackled stigma for young people to give them a voice
  • Owned the social media conversation at congress

We do this by

  • Diagnosing the challenge and campaigning for change to nudge people to join the health conversation
  • Influencing decision-making with the STORIES we tell, the CONTENT we produce, the CHANNELS we use & the EXPERIENCES we provide
  • Using the collective enterprise of our team, and bringing together the ‘persuasive’ principles of behavioural science with the connectivity of digital, social & PR

The Problem

Despite only 50% of people with diabetes having controlled symptoms, the use of additional treatments is often slow.

The Solution: #Activating patients

People with diabetes are normally the first to know when their blood sugars are not under control. However, they are often slow to go and see their doctor. In addition, they sometimes don’t effectively communicate their situation. To help we created an awareness campaign to help people with diabetes have more effective discussions with HCPs.

The result

We engaged approximately 1 million people living with diabetes to support a productive dialogue with their physician.

The Problem

For rosacea sufferers the visible facial symptoms associated with their condition – redness, spots and lesions – can lead to feelings of embarrassment, shame and isolation,

The Solution: #InfluencingHCPs #empowering patients

We created a global movement to encourage better HCP-patient dialogue. Get recognition for the psycho-social impact of rosacea

The result

Activated in ~15 countries via digital, social & news media channels, and toolkits. Rosacea flare-ups go ‘viral’ on social media, with 1 million total impressions and a potential audience reach of over 450K.